General Questions and Terms


Returns and Refunds

We test all machines before they are shipped.  We then clean, dry and repackage the machine for shipment.
Unfortunately, there are rare cases where a machine is simply defective and in such cases we will strive to do everything possible to resolve the issue.

For qualifying returns or exchanges, please keep all of the original packaging for 30 days in case you need to return your order.  We cannot replace disposed packaging.

  • What qualifies for return or exchange?
    • A machine that is in its original packaging and unopened may be returned to us within 30 days of original order.  You will be responsible for return shipping and an 18% restocking fee will be assessed to your refund amount.  Please contact us at for a return authorization before proceeding with return.
    • A defective machine that has been lightly used can be returned (or exchanged) under the following conditions:
      • You have received a return authorization from us by contacting us
      • It’s within 30 days of receiving the product.  Any orders outside the 30 day window are not returnable, no exceptions
      • The product is cleaned and dry prior to being returned
      • The product is not damaged (beyond the identified defect)
      • The product has been used as per the manufacturer’s recommendations
    • See below for other conditions that may affect total refundable amount
  • How can I return an unopened machine within 30 days of my order?
    • Please contact us for approval and arrange to have the machine returned to us
  • How can I return a defective machine?
    • Once the return is accepted you will be provided with a return label to affix to the package for return.
    • For returning a used machine, please ensure the machine is clean and dry prior to packaging
    • Please carefully repackage the machine with all parts, manuals and packaging.
    • Ensure there’s adequate protection as to avoid damage during shipping
  • Will I be fully refunded and how?
    • You will be refunded either via credit card, Paypal or check after receiving the machine and inspection
    • If your machine is new and returned to us in its original packaging you will be refunded your total machine cost minus the 18% restocking fee
    • If your machine is deemed defective and the return is accepted you will be refunded in full
    • If the machine arrives damaged we may chose to charge a damage fee or refuse the return
    • If the machine arrives  with damages incurred during shipping, you will be responsible for any portion of the balance that UPS doesn’t cover if they deem it was improperly packaged
    • If the machine requires extensive cleaning we may chose to charge a cleaning fee or refuse the return
    • If the machine has heavy use and wear we may chose to charge a use fee or refuse the return
    • If the machine has not been used per the manufacturer’s recommendation we may chose to charge a use fee or refuse the return
    • If the machine is missing parts, manuals or accessories we will charge for those missing components or may chose to refuse the return
  • My machine has stopped working and it is now 30 days after the order was placed, what can I do?
    • Warranty: If the machine has an issue you deem to be a manufacturer’s defect you will need to contact the manufacturer directly for instructions on servicing the machine.  We may be able to provide that service, but you will be responsible for shipping to us (both ways) as well as any parts/labor the manufacturer will not cover.  You will need to contact us for approval before shipping the machine for service.
    • Contact info for machines we sell:
      • Panafe`:
      • RDL:
      • Espresso del Capitano:
      • GRIMAC:
    • Non-warranty work: We can generally service to your machine if it was purchased from us and within 2 years of purchase.  You will be responsible for shipping (both ways), parts and labor for repairs or service.  You will need to contact us for approval before shipping the machine for service.
  • What does not qualify for a return?
    • Coffee and all other food products do not qualify for returns
    • Accessories
  • I received a damaged package now what?
    • Please contact us at to initiate a UPS claim and for next steps.  Please be sure to include photos of damaged package and product.
  • I never received my package now what?